Solution DevOps Engineer

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Date: May 14, 2022

Location: Ottawa, ON, CA, K2K 3N5

Company: Innovapost

Who is Innovapost?

Great question! We are the technology arm of the Canada Post Group of companies. This includes Canada Post, Purolator, and SCI. By joining us you will be able to make a positive impact on how every Canadian delivers and receives their packages and mail. Next time you see your neighbor picking up their mail and receiving a package, you will be able to say “you’re welcome!”

What role will you play?

The “DevOps” teams at Innovapost are the fuel that keeps the development and deployment or the continuous delivery pipelines moving. These team of multi-faceted engineers work to automate and manage all aspects of the software development life cycle as it moves through the deployment pipeline. A broad understanding of continuous integration and delivery drives these members to continuously seek new and innovative ways to streamline the processes that enables effective delivery of products to production.

What will you be responsible for? (apart from innovating)

Collaborate with relevant IT teams to ensure smooth service transition of products and services into the operating environment, including operational document reviews and ensuring delivery teams adequately test product and services prior to operational handoff.

Resources in this role may be required to cover any of the following responsibilities
•    Support application and infrastructure build activities on the appropriate CI/CD platform
•    Manage project/product on-boarding
•    Work to mature code repository practices to align with agile CI/CD practices
•    Be responsible for improving Code Quality Scanning
•    Manage and operate all environment pipelines
•    Manage environment provisioning requests
•    Manage legacy deployment activity
•    Manage a configuration and automation backlog
•    Manage infrastructure requests
•    Enhance automation and streamline all processes

What skills you need for this role to be yours?

Experience working with continuous integration and delivery platforms
Experience building automated build chains and pipelines
Experience developing gating pipelines supporting code/artifact promotion through the SDLC
Experience integrating CI/CD platforms with 3rd party systems and cloud platforms
Proficiency using scripting and development frameworks to drive automation
Experience integrating code quality scanning, coverage and compliance capabilities into CI/CD pipeline
Experience working with Agile methodologies and tools in a DevOps model
Understanding of Agile delivery principles
Ability to integrate in cross-functional technologies into CI/CD pipelines
Experience in transitioning traditional development models into DevOps principles
Experience in defining and implementing cross teams and standard methodologies and practices; user education and support, etc.
Ability to understand broad application and infrastructure architecture concepts and apply patterns to those that enable automation and development agility
Extensive experience working with open source frameworks and leveraging capabilities scaled by the community at large
Adaptive to change and ability to quickly learn and apply concepts to business priorities
Experience implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Experience with scripting languages such as Bash, Perl, Python, and Powershell
Experience converting business KPI's into appropriate system alerts
Proven experience within large-scale projects delivering cross-functional components from software to middleware and infrastructure
Deep understanding of code development constructs such as automated build, code merging and branching strategies, automated testing and reporting and process flow control
Experience implementing foundational cloud services (networking, security, account/organizations, logging & monitoring, identity access management, etc.)
Experience in large-scale migration of application workloads from on-premise or collocated data centers to a cloud platform.
Experience in Cloud Networking
Broad knowledge of cloud services, tools and platforms

Additional Skills that set you apart?

  • Experience deploying to native platforms
  • Experience using DevOps software such as
      • Cloud deployment templates (Azure Resource Management (ARM) Templates)
      • AWS/Azure artifacts
      • Aws/Azure DevOps
      • Aws/Azure Repos
      • Aws/Azure Pipelines 
  • Experience using Observability tools such as

Aws Monitor, Azure Monitor, Application Dynamics


Be Courageous
Be Inclusive
Be Curious
Technical Knowledge